Welcome to Houston CFI

My Background

  I have been flying airplanes since before I could drive. I soloed at 16, got my Private ticket at 17, and my Commercial ticket at 18.  Other endorsements and ratings (tailwheel, glider, multi-engine, seaplane instructor) came later.
Flying has been a lifelong obsession...a real sickness!  Those of you who are already licensed know what I mean. Those of you just starting out will find out very quickly that flying becomes a part of your DNA!
My background includes:  

  • 2013 FAA Southwest Region CFI Of The Year
  • AOPA Air Safety Institute Safety Seminar Presenter
  • Flight Instructor Refresher Clinic Instructor
  • Former Chief Tow Pilot-Greater Houston Soaring Association
  • Co-Owner of Houston Light Sport Aviation
  • Co-Writer/Editor EAA CFI Guide to Sport Pilot and Sport Aircraft
  • Contributing Writer to Rod Machado’s Sport Pilot Textbook
  • FAASTeam Volunteer. 
  • Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot
  • Matrix/Malibu Check Pilot
  • Co-writer AOPA's Rusty Pilot Seminar
  • AOPA's Texas You-Can-Fly Ambassador

Over the years, first (and still) teaching in gliders, then primary and advanced training, I've found that it is indeed true that the student teaches the instructor just as it is the other way around!  

Tall Tales, Lessons, Observations and Outright Lies…..


Pat Brown

Houston, TX

(832) 654-9831